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Brandworks Distribution, DBA Floatsafe Products, has been in business since 2005 as the only authorized Internet supplier of the Floatsafe Flotie fabric covered inflatable swimmers safety armbands. As such, we buy directly from the manufacturer whereas others who advertise the Flotie product buy from us and / or from a retail store and resell. These vendors are known as resellers and, by necessity, their sale price is greater than that of Floatsafe Products. As such Floatsafe Products is confident in stating that we have the best product at the lowest price on the internet.

The Floatsafe Flotie is considered by many to be the highest quality swimmers safety armband on the market. The blue boy's and pink girl's are fabric covered, adjustable, attractive and reasonably priced. Kids love wearing them and parents feel good knowing their children have some safety support while in the water. The regular Flotie supports up to a 30 pound child. The Heavy Duty Contoured armbands will support up to 60 pounds but are plastic covered. Floatsafe Flotie prices include shipping and handling. You pay only the cost as shown.

$9.95 Includes Shipping & Handling

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